Ficep Expands Their CNC Angle Line Fabrication Systems to Incorporate Programmable Notching


Ficep has traditionally offered fabricators and manufacturers the most expansive product line of CNC angle lines (channels with web and flange holes and flats can also be processed) that incorporates the operations of: Punching, Drilling, Marking, Notching and Shearing for unequalled productivity. The ability to incorporate notching can be limited due to the wide variety of notching applications required such as the sizes and degrees of the angle notches that a user is required to accomplish with a traditional notching press. Typically, a wide variety of these applications can be accomplished by changing the related tooling which does require a manual tool change.

The Ficep multiple head programmable notcher that can be incorporated into the Ficep CNC angle lines traditionally addresses the random requirement to produce a diverse geometric combination of notches without requiring multiple notching presses and the manual tool changes to accommodate different applications.  This comprehensive capability of the Ficep CNC angle lines permits a user to go from stock material to a completely finished part including notches.

Let us take a look at your application as you will be pleasantly surprised with our diverse capability and the productivity that can be achieved.