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  • Cold Shears Caddy1
  • Cold Shears Caddy2

Mechanical Cold Shears CADDY Series

The CADDY horizontal mechanical shears have distinguished themselves throughout the world due to their extreme high productivity and corresponding low cost per slug. The horizontal shearing action allows easy clearance compensated angle shearing to virtually eliminate shear face angularity. The CADDY produces the highest dimensional accuracy possible to fully utilize today's net and near net forging technologies.

The ability to adjust the shearing plane to eliminate shear face angularity makes the CADDY well suited to shear even low tensile strength materials.

  • The horizontal slide engagement eliminates the need for a special foundation.
  • Quick blade clearance adjustments and 15 minute blade changes makes even short production runs practical.
  • Hydraulic clutch for high performance, long life and noise reduction (Model CADDY 52 and larger).
  • Low maintenance cost
Shearing capacity
Model CADDY 28 50 52 56 63


1.25" 1.96" 2" 2.20" 2.48"


1.96" 1.77" 2.16"
Shearing capacity (cont'd.)
Model CADDY 80 100 140 160
Rounds 3.15" 3.93" 5.51" 6.3"


2.96" 3.93" 5.11" 6.3"

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Cold Shear Options-Weighing SystemsAutomatic or Semi-automatic weighing systems

Hydraulic Hot Shears CTCH Series

Hot Shears CTCH Series

Ficep is, by far, the world's leading manufacturer of fully automated hot shear lines. The Ficep CTCH series are able to shear slugs at forging temperature next to the forge press. From bar stock to finish forging, all controlled by the press operator. The Ficep Hot Shear ensures the best return on investment due to:

  • Elimination of unnecessary material handling.
  • Elimination of sheared parts storage.
  • The ability to make immediate volume adjustments to compensate for forge tool wear.
  • Lowers the ultimate material cost required.
  • Reduces scrap.
  • Allows the shearing of cold shear crack sensitive materials.
  • Inline process reduces the relative energy cost.
  • Consolidation of operations reduces the labor cost.

Model CTCH

70 100 140 180 250 300

Square Minimum

1.18" 1.58" 1.97" 3.15" 3.94" 5.9"

Square Maximum

2.36" 3.93" 5.51" 7.08" 9.84" 11.81"

Round Minimum

1.18" 1.58" 1.97" 3.15" 3.94" 5.9"

Round Maximum

2.75" 3.93" 5.9" 7.87" 11" 13.38"

Hydraulic Cold Shears HS Series

Hydraulic Cold Shears HS Series

The hydraulic shears of the HS series are the ideal systems for those clients who want to achieve the optimum quality/price ratio when shearing bar stock.  These compact yet rugged systems typically address the needs of medium to small forging companies.

Model HS Series

90/60B 90

Cutting force in tons

66 99

Number of cuts per minute

45 56

Round bar capacity

1.65" 2"