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Pre-Fab Shot Blast

FICEP has extensive experience supplying complete manufacturing systems that includes complementary processes of drilling, sawing, coping, punching and shearing. For over twenty years the FICEP organization has been supplying shot blasting roller conveyor lines and painting systems as a complement to our structural fabrication lines.

The need to comply with strict paint specifications has dictated shot blasting as a prerequisite to painting.  Whether it's just a primer or finished coat, shot blasting before painting has proven to be the best process to obtain the required paint specification.

The H-I-U etc. rolled steel sections are the supporting elements of all the modern commercial and industrial building construction. Together with gusset plates, stiffners, end plates etc., they become the assemblies that constitute the framework of the latest infrastructures.  It goes without saying that good shot blasting and painting techniques make maintenance of buildings less frequent and give a better look and more aesthetic appeal. It is for this reason that after a collaboration of more than ten years FICEP and Wheelabrator have signed a technology partnership to bring to the market the most productive solutions both in shot blasting and painting.

Wheelabrator has industry leading experience in shot blasting equipment and solutions for the most difficult and demanding industries such as the automobile industry, the steel mills industry, shipyards, the aircraft industry, and of course, the steel construction industry with its roller conveyor wheel blasting solutions. Wheelabrator along with FICEP have world-wide market penetration and a long and comprehensive experience in automatic systems for the structural steel industry. After the first successes supplying joint solutions many years ago to some of the most significant fabricators in the world, FICEP and Wheelabrator have put together all their experiences to produce unique solutions for the structural steel market both in shot blasting and in painting of prime or finished coats.

ETA Wheel Turbine

The patented ETA wheel turbine of Wheelabrator is just one of the characteristics of the FICEP shot blasting solutions. This wheel has unprecedented speed and energy saving characteristics. The strength of manganese steel is employed and comprehensively applied all around the chambers in order to give everlasting properties to these machines.

FICEP and Wheelabrator put together the widest range of solutions for the structural steel market. Solutions for plates and beams, for shot blasting before assembly or after assembly, solutions with four, six or eight turbines, traditional solutions with straight wheels and enhanced performing-inclined wheels.

Pre Fab shotblast smartline
Pre Fab Shot Blast Smartline
Pre Fab shotblast G TYPE
Pre Fab Shot Blast G TYPE
Pre Fab shotblast HD type
Pre Fab Shot Blast HD type

Ask us for more details and we will be pleased to provide you all the technical details to better understand why the FICEP solution is the benchmark in structural steel surface preparation.

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