Ficep's Intelligent Steel Fabrication Proves to be a Show Stopper at this Year's NASCC

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Ficep Introduces the World's Fastest Angle Line

Ficep has always not only been the technology pioneer but has also extended to the market the most comprehensive product line for the fabrication of angles.  The most recent addition to the product range is the “XP” Series of angle lines which achieve a material positioning speed of 328 feet per minute but this is only part of the advantage.  The internal material clamping is achieved with roller clamps that stay engaged not only during punching for example but also for material positioning to eliminate any clamping and unclamping function for each operation.

XP Series Angle Lines

The “XP” Series uses a high pressure hydraulic system in conjunction with a programmable power unit to achieve the minimum possible press cycle to achieve an unbelievable press cycle for punching, shearing, marking and notching. 

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Each punch press is a rigidly mounted totally enclosed bridge press to minimize deflection and eliminate the need to move the punch press for each programmable gage line.  Each of up to three quick change inner c-frames are positioned with independent mechanical positioning systems so no time is not lost when changing the gage line of the second or third punch diameter as this occurs in masked time.