Model Tipo G Plate Processing


Model Tipo G Plate Processing

  • Handles plates up to 8 ft. Or 10 ft. width and 4" in thickness.
  • Available with one or two independent spindles for maximizing the productivity.
  • Spindle speeds up to 6,000 RPM (7,000 RPM for scribing) is provided with a 36 HP drive.
  • High performance direct drive spindles with a ball screw feed and fixed spindle design to fully utilize carbide tools for drilling rates up to 60 inches per minute.

Model Tipo G

The two spindle system with independent sub axis on each spindle generates up to 40% more productivity than single spindle plate processing systems.

  • Multiple torches for Oxy-fuel cutting and up to two independent plasma cutting systems with or without programmable bevel.
  • Multiple torches
  • Guaranteed accuracy with rack and pinion positioning and measuring systems on stock material regardless of the edge condition of the stock plate.
  • The datum line carriage system eliminates the potential of horizontal clamps collapsing the skeleton.
  • Irregular stock plates or drops can be returned to stock and later utilized without having to make a square cut to start the CNC process.
  • The datum line carriage system maximizes material utilization to minimize scrap.
  • Tipo G Accuracy
  • Guaranteed accuracy regardless of rust and mill scale.
  • 24 or 48 position automatic tool changer.
  • Guaranteed accuracy on large and small parts.
  • Maximum accuracy is assured regardless of where they are nested in the stock plate.

Drill Spindles

  • The Ficep drill spindle design features a ball screw feed that is consistent with today's machining center designs.
  • Available with one or two independent drill heads each with an independent sub axis for enhanced productivity.
  • This design permits the tool to advance through the material at a uniform feed rate that is coordinated and maintained by the CNC control.
  • Eliminates the tendency for the drill bit to rapidly accelerate and actually punch through the material upon break through.
  • This is the same system that is used in all CNC machining centers today to achieve maximum metal removal and to be able to fully utilize today's high performance insert tooling to its maximum efficiency.
  • The spindle speed range of the Ficep drilling spindle is also designed to accommodate the RPM (up to 6,000 RPM) requirement of today's high performance insert tools.
  • The entire drill head and spindle are advanced to the material as a single unit rather than just extending the spindle while the gearbox remains stationary to eliminate spindle wobble.
  • Internal and external coolant selected by program command.
  • Full spindle speed range available for all tool positions.

Drill Tool Changer

  • Tipo drill tool changer
  • 24 different tool positions available for each spindle for a total of up to 48 tool positions.

Part Marking

  • Full programmable scribing system for part marking and the generation of scribing lines. The independent sub axis for each spindle makes scribing of different information with each spindle at the same time.
Additional D
Model Plate Size Oxy/Fuel Drill Thickness Spindle HP Spindles
Tipo G 25 98.4" x 20 ft. (40') Multiple 4" 36 HP 1 (2)
Tipo G 31 120" x 20 ft. (40') Multiple 4" 36 HP 1 (2)
Model Plasma Plasma Bevel Sub X Axis Milling
Tipo G 25 1 (2) 1 (2) Standard Yes
Tipo G 31 1 (2) 1 (2) Standard Yes

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