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FICEP's Endeavor Drilling Line
Opens New Capability

In 2014 FICEP was awarded a patent (EP 2 758 209 B1) for their simultaneous control of the movement of each spindle to permit drilling and milling, for example, on different section faces.

The design covers the unique clamping capability that opens up a diverse range of milling and drilling routines simultaneously on all surfaces. The three spindles have the ability to move independently in the length axis for drilling or milling in both flanges and the web simultaneously even if they do not share the same centerlines.

The ability to maintain integrated rigid clamping of the structural steel section during the process eliminates any motion of the member and permits the spindle's ability to move in the length axis which makes the Endeavour products ideal for milling on all three surfaces.

Previously, FICEP was the firm that innovated the concept of combining drilling with sawing or thermal cutting to reduce the required floor space and the number of operators that are typically required in the fabrication of structural steel. The ability to incorporate milling into the FICEP Endeavour three-spindle product range saves labor and achieves floor space efficiency to previously unattainable levels.

The ability to mill in a productive fashion not only adds unique productivity but it eliminates costly mistakes down the line and it also avoids the need for manual clean up.

Typical Milling Routines

Weld Prep with Rat Holes
Rat holes and both internal and external flange weld prep.
Weld Prep with Rat Holes
The rat hole is milled flush to the flange so no secondary manual grinding is required.

Block Copes
Efficiently milled and tabbed to main member allowing removal during fit up.
Block Copes
Slots can also be milled as required.

Mechanical Openings
Mechanical Openings