Ficep Introduces the New Tipo G Plate Processing Systems for Plates up to 20 ft. in Width


The Tipo G Series of Plate Processing Systems address the needs of such industries as bridge/structural steel fabricators and manufacturing firms producing large plate components such as tube sheets. These systems are available in widths of 8 ft., 12 ft. and 16 ft. and are ideally suited for stack drilling. The systems can be provided with one or two spindles, each with an automatic tool changer to accomplish different holes sizes or the automatic exchange of tools once the tool that is being utilized becomes dull.

The traveling gantry design can be furnished in virtually any length to accommodate long plates which remain stationary during processing as the gantry moves in the length (X) axis and the spindles in the depth (Y) axis. The stationary plate design, in conjunction with the extensive gantry travel, also gives the ability to load stock size plates or unload finished parts in one area while the system is actively producing finished plate components in another area of the travel range.

The massive drill head design can generate typical machining functions such as milling, tapping, countersinking, counter boring, etc. The drill spindles feature a secondary length (X) axis so typical hole patterns or machining operations can be accomplished without moving the gantry.

The gantry also features a unique chip removal system to eliminate drill chips, for example, prior to plasma or oxy-fuel cutting of the parts to the specified dimensions.

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