ADF Group Inc. of Terrebonne, Quebec Undergoes $10,000,000 Equipment Update


ADF Group Inc. of Terrebonne, Quebec (Montreal area) is presently updating their CNC technology with the installation of comprehensive plate and structural steel fabrication lines from Ficep Corporation, Forest Hill, Maryland. ADF Group Inc. has established their reputation in tackling historically some of the most significant Mega Projects in North America as their capabilities to fabricate and manage these large projects exceeds the capabilities of most fabricators in North America.

Jean Paschini

Jean Paschini, CEO of ADF, reports, "Our former equipment was in great operational shape as it was only 6-8 years old when we made the decision to replace it as automation efficiency is the lifeblood of any progressive operation in today's competitive marketplace. Once you install new equipment, it starts the process of machine deterioration and obsolesces. In our case, this investment in our future was based upon technology obsolesce not deterioration."

adf group

The investment by ADF was made in the two principal areas of plate and structural steel fabrication. In the plate fabrication area the new lines include such capabilities as multiple drilling and cutting heads for processing plates up to 10 ft. in width, 40 ft. in length and 5" in thickness.

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Other new plate lines incorporate both punching and drilling with plasma/oxy-fuel cutting. In all cases, the drilling spindles feature drilling rates of up to 50 inches per minutes using the latest in tooling technology plus milling, countersinking, counter boring, and tapping.

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Jean Paschini states, "Our decision to invest was driven by our desire to improve our productivity, expand our production capability and to introduce a level of seamless computerized integration from Tekla through scheduling, CNC fabrication, and production control with automatic fabrication tracking to shipping. The level of capability that this update gives ADF is at the leading edge as our main member material and detail will arrive at our fitting areas with all layout, part reference number and orientation automatically performed by our CNC lines. This information will come directly out of Tekla Structures and the Ficep software will generate the CNC code to accomplish this task without manual manipulation."

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The new CNC technology from Ficep in conjunction with the plant expansion gives the ADF Group Inc. an annual capacity in excess of 100,000 tons per year.

The structural fabrication equipment that was purchased by ADF includes CNC lines for sawing, drilling and robotic systems for burning with oxy-fuel and plasma to address the type of unique fabrication challenges that ADF has built their reputation upon when addressing some of the world's most challenging structures. The level of automation and computer integration that has been incorporated into the systems will permit a single operator to control multiple CNC lines.

ADF Group Inc. is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol of DRX.TO.