Are You Producing High Tolerance Plate Parts That Will Ultimately Require Some Machining?


The versatility of the Type C plate processing center from Ficep offers capabilities in this area that have not been available in the market until now. The Ficep Type C plate processing center not only provides high speed punching of heavy plates with plasma contour cutting but at a speed and tolerance that exceeds the industry standard.

What separates the Type C system's capabilities is the high speed machining spindle that can be provided on the system. This machining spindle is complete with an automatic tool changer so high speed drilling, milling and tapping can become an automated part of the process. The ability to mill permits such operations as the milling of plasma cut edges to improve the tolerance of the part and to remove heat affected zone. Milling can also be programmed on the top surface of the plate to create pockets to facilitate automated welding.

In addition to the punching, drilling, milling, tapping and plasma cutting, part marking can also be provided to achieve a totally integrated plate processing system.