Maximize Your Plate Utilization by Processing 10 Foot Wide Plates


Ficep recently announced their seventh model of wide plate fabrication lines that combine the operations of hole production (drilling or punching), marking and either plasma cutting or oxy-fuel burning. The new Type A 31 now processes plate up to 10 ft. in width and 65 ft. in length.

The Type A 31 plate processing system, like the other models of plate processing systems from Ficep, features a positive carriage type feed where the material is clamped and positioned in the length axis to the programmed location with precise accuracy. The functions include drilling, tapping, countersinking, marking and cutting and are positioned simultaneously in the width or y axis.

The Type A 31 features a high performance machining type spindle that is capable up to 3000 RPM and uses a ball screw feed with encoder feedback to be able to utilize today's high performance tooling. Each spindle is complemented with a 6 or 12 position automatic tool changer.