Intelligent Steel Fabrication.

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Intelligent Steel Fabrication

Expanded level of technology is taking the market by storm!

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INTELLIGENT STEEL FABRICATION is a term that is rapidly becoming synonymous with the lowest cost per ton for structural steel that is available in today's competitive market conditions. Once again, FICEP pioneered this technology with the first automatic system installed in 1988.

In the past years, FICEP has implemented this concept and the productivity of automatic material handling to a new level with automation software that fully integrates the coordination between material handling and the fabrication cells. The expansive nature of the software enables a fabricator to simulate the fabrication process to determine where potential bottlenecks exist in the production process and to modify the sequence of the process to maximize the utilization of the entire system to its maximum capability.

Once the sequence is determined, it is released to production for fabrication. The software automatically determines the proper route for each piece so it arrives automatically to the proper cell or cells for fabrication. As the material flows through the automated system, the proper CNC programs that were previously downloaded from the 3D model are selected by the software without any operator involvement to accomplish the proper fabrication processes such as shot blasting, sawing, drilling and coping as required. As each section advances to the required cell, the CNC process is started without any operator involvement. Even while the production cells are performing the required CNC program the automatic material handling system operates seamlessly in masked time to achieve the maximum productivity.

During the fabrication process the actual material flow and production status can be viewed in real time remotely on a PC on a cell phone if desired. As the sections are completed, the real time production status flows back to the 3D model to show the current production status of each piece. This is all accomplished without the need to have operators at each fabrication cell. Users are typically accomplishing this task with just an attendant to oversee the fabrication processes.

When you consider the comprehensive FICEP software solution it is no wonder that FICEP now has over 100 fully automatic CNC systems installed worldwide. Currently Ficep Corporation has such systems installed in all regions of North American from North to South and East to West. This technology is setting a new production cost standard as it is dropping the bottom out of the man hour per ton figures that the industry historically uses to gauge its productivity.