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The Dual Spindle Gemini Provides Over 40% Increase In Productivity.

New Gemini

The secondary or sub axis of the Gemini plate processing systems by FICEP has proven to offer unprecedented versatility and productivity.

The concept of having two drilling heads on the same frame has been frequently discounted up till now as a productivity advantage was only achieved when holes shared the same length or "X" axis coordinates to engage both spindles simultaneously. This is not the case with the dual spindle Gemini as typical process times can be reduced by over 40% with the second spindle since both spindles operate fully independent of the other as each spindle has its own sub axis!

Plasma Programmable Bevel Head

  • Unlimited rotation of the A axis
  • Rotation +/-55° B axis (bevel)
  • A axis head rotation 1080° (limit sw) at a speed: 450 °/s
  • Cutting angle @ orthogonal axis to the sheet +/- 45°
  • Axis components installed within the structure which protects them from heat, smoke and fumes
  • Simultaneous CNC managing up to 4 interpolated axes
  • Combined anti-winding and tension compensating system of the torch cable
  • Mechanical and Electronic anti-collision system integrated in the plasma torch
  • Light, solid and rugged innovative design. Also includes - Input data in tabular style with bi-dimensional and simplified graphics using software package WIN-NEST – BEVEL. The Gemini machines can produce flat
  • Efficient scribing performed at 7,000 RPM

The Gemini can be fitted with the scribing tool or a plasma marking system which can significantly reduce fabrication time and manpower requirements.

The high speed drilling spindle, combined with wide area clamping, provide both very high productivity and unprecedented accuracy of hole-to-hole ( better than .004 inch ) and hole-to-edge positioning ( better than 0.0196in ).

When slotted holes or milled bearing/mating faces are required, work that was traditionally performed after fabrication, the Gemini can now perform many of these operations on the flat piece with high accuracy, thereby, reducing costs and handling time.

The Gemini is equipped as standard with the WinNEST software package to maximize material utilization by nesting. The Fanuc hardware is provided with a man / machine interface using the already proven FICEP Minosse software.

Gemini is now the complete solution for plate working for small to medium sized fabricators and OEM's in a wide range of industry sectors of all sizes looking to improve productivity and quality with a reduction in production times or manpower costs.