New Gemini Series of CNC Plate Cutting and Drilling Systems

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Ficep has once again broadened its product line of plate fabrication systems that it offers to the market understanding that two or three models do not address all the individual needs of fabricators in the world market.

The Gemini Gantry Series of plate processing systems is specifically addressed to those markets that:

  • Want to accommodate large plate sizes with a lower investment
  • Have limited floor space
  • Want to achieve exceptional productivity with spindle speeds up to 6,000 RPM
  • Want to accommodate both stock plates for drilling and cutting and pre-cut plates just for drilling
  • Exceptional productivity and versatility for drilling, tapping, countersinking and milling to generate parts that require weld prep.

GEMINI 2.jpg

The Gemini 25 can accommodate plates 8 ft. x 20 ft. as standard, and the length can be expanded as an option if required. Wider models are also available with multiple drilling heads. The Gemini 25 features a 6,000 RPM machining spindle with eight position tool changer that can accomplish high performance tasks while using today's current tooling technology to achieve fantastic results. The processing speeds of the Gemini 25 are unrivaled as the wide gantry of the system also includes its own internal clamping so it is not necessary for the operator to constantly fixture or manually clamp plates prior to processing. This wide gantry also provides the opportunity for the spindle to position independently in the length or "X Axis" without requiring the gantry to position. This feature enhances productivity while increasing the milling accuracies that can be achieved by maintaining a fixed position of the plate that is being processed. Positioning speeds of up to 1650 IPM assures the very minimum process time when it comes to the completion of one hole to starting the next for example.

The Gemini 25 can be equipped with either a down draft or water table to accommodate the plasma cutting operation with a broad selection of Hypertherm plasma torch options.