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Over the years we have witnessed that many fabricators have grown their fabrication facility and corresponding material handling system to give them the type of fabrication and handling options that is believed to increase productivity. Intelligent fabrication by FICEP blows away the old myths that they need an expansive material handling system with numerous handling options to achieve a leg up on their competition.

Intelligent fabrication starts by enabling a fabricator to simulate a job or production sequences in conjunction with his erection needs to optimize the fabrication process. Once the optimum sequence is determined, the material can be loaded on the material handling system to start the fabrication process.

As material is run through the system, the routing and corresponding CNC programs for the different operations of shot blasting, sawing, drilling and layout occurs automatically and without an operator's decision making or direct involvement in the operation of the CNC equipment.


All of the material handling functions occur in mast time as their operation is also not controlled by a team of operators and transpires simultaneous to the CNC systems that are also running at their maximum efficiency. The elimination of the decision making operation and its timing through 'Intelligent Fabrication' makes sure that maximum system efficiency is always achieved in the smallest possible footprint. FICEP offers various drill line models to optimize the selection process to most closely match a fabricator's fabrication and productivity requirements. One of the newest models to enter the product line is the three spindle Endeavour drill line.

The Endeavour features FICEP's new 'Direct Drive Spindle Technology. Not only does the Endeavour 'Direct Drive Spindle' develop up to 37 horsepower but the entirety of this power is delivered to the tool as there is no power loss by having to go through a gearbox or transmission. This level of performance, in conjunction with a bayonet type HSK 80A tool holder, not only delivers unbelievable drilling performance but also exceptional milling capability for the efficient production of copes.

Another unique capability of the FICEP drill line technology is the independent Sub-Axis that is found on all three spindles in addition to the underside scribing tool for layout marking. This sub-axis capability permits holes and scribing to be processed simultaneously on all surfaces even if the holes do not share the same length axis coordinate. This spindle independence delivers also full scribing capability as all four surfaces can be marked simultaneously as each spindle is fully independent.

It is now no longer necessary to move a section weighing up to 45,000 pounds a few inches for the next row of holes as the independent spindles can move to the next required position for drilling.