Dual Spindles and Torches Cuts the Cycle Time in Half


The Tipo A 31 is equipped with two independent spindles that can be programmed in unison or independently in the y axis to permit the engagement of both spindles in the material simultaneously to maximize the efficiency of the system. This approach doubles the drilling efficiency since both spindles can be productively engaged in the production of chips.

The hole spacing between the required holes does not have to be uniform since the spacing or the movement of each spindle is independent and fully programmable. As an option, a second torch can also be added for simultaneous cutting of two parts!

Once the plates are drilled and marked they can be cut to size by using either oxy-fuel or plasma and then automatically unloaded. This integration of these operations provides the most efficient processing of plate components possible since stock plates are loaded on the infeed side and finished parts are automatically unloaded upon their completion without any manual operator intervention.

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