Consumable Tooling

Today High Performance Plate and Structural Steel Processing Lines Demand the Best Match between Drill Spindle Capabilities and Tooling Options

We provide a complete line up of drill tool options to match the spindle speed, horsepower and type of spindle feed as it could be hydraulic or mechanical. Frequently the spindles specifications and application will dictate what type of tool is best suited. This can range from a basic twist drill all the way up to solid carbide or carbide insert drills. Let us review with you your applications in conjunction with your drill line specifications to make sure we provide you with the proper tooling configuration with the feeds and speeds that should be used so this tool achieves its maximum productivity.


Some of the CNC drilling lines today provide a secondary or sub axis so the spindle can move in the X and Y axis while the material is rigidly clamped. Systems with a secondary or sub axis opens up numerous milling options ranging from slots to the milling of weld preps, rat holes and copes. We have the experience to guide you through this process to make sure that you are provided with the proper milling tools for these applications that match the capabilities of your CNC line.


When it comes to tapping, countersinking or counter boring in plates and structural steel we have the experience to put the proper tooling package together to make your application a success from the start! Why go through a learning process when we can provide the professional skill level that brings success even to first time users of these applications


The tool holder style, length and female opening is driven by the tooling style selected and it length. Ficep stocks a complete assortment of tool holder configurations including HSK 80, HSK 63 and taper designs of 40, 45 and 50.


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