At Last a Drill Saw Tandem System that Permits Drilling And Sawing Simultaneously


The typical argument against having a drill and saw in tandem (side by side layout) has always been that if the drill is working, the saw is idle and vice versa. Even with this objection, the tandem approach has proven to be the ideal solution for many fabricators as the reduction in required plant space, the need for only one operator and the lower investment cost has proven to be the optimum solution for many facilities.

Understanding the negative of the inability to permit sawing and drilling simultaneously, Ficep's software engineers have developed a powerful multi tasking solution for this application. In the Ficep "Multi Tasking" solution, when the saw is making the final cut, the next stock length automatically enters the drilling line and starts then to drill the next part. This part can be a different program, even a different depth of section, and the process occurs automatically.

The analogy to this operation is similar to two trains that are going the same direction and sharing the same track. If they get dangerously close, the approaching train (in this case the next stock length that is being drilled) will pause until the train at the station pulls out (which in this case is the section that is being cut). Considering that the majority of holes in a section are traditionally at the ends, this hole location typically means the leading end holes will be drilled in their entirety while the trailing saw cut is executed.

Another Ficep productivity first!

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