Ficep CNC Plate/Angle Detail Punches

Ficep Detail Punch

The Ficep detail punches are generally equipped to address the typical requirements that face a fabricator with the requirements to:

. Punch up to three different hole sizes or die clearances for varied material thicknesses.

. Automatically stamp the part mark on the detail member so it can be positively identified for subsequent fitting.

. Incorporate drilling with the two axis CNC table so those detail members that require drilling rather than punching can also be processed on the Ficep line of CNC detail punches.

The photo to the right shows a P 51 CNC detail punch with the standard triple tool punching attachment. In this, case one of the three locations is used to mark the detail parts that can be drilled or punched. The above photo also shows the drill head attachment that is available to process those hole requirements which can not be punched.

P1104P 1:48-2:12, 3:0 -3:15

CNC Plate/Angle Detail Punches P-410/8D Detail Punch

When confronted with applications that require exclusively drilling, Ficep offers the P-401/8D. This system features a high performance drilling spindle with a ball screw feed and 3,000 RPM to take full advantage of carbide inserts. The P-401/8D can be equipped with an eight position automatic tool changer to accommodate different hole sizes and to change a dull tool automatically when required.

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