At Last A CNC Angle Line that has the Versatility of An Ironworker!


Ficep has a long tradition of expanding the capabilities of their CNC angle lines that gives their users unparalleled capabilities such as punching, drilling, marking, notching and shearing. Traditionally, the lines that Ficep has provided in the past would be configured to provide the capability that a fabricator required by implementing the designated capability with a fixed solution such as adding a marking press.

Recently Ficep has introduced the unique capability to add a third press which can be used for multiple functions. This third press, which is called the "Versa Press", is extremely versatile as it can accept self contained tooling to address applications such as:


Punching a second hole size or a large slot.

Versa Press Marking
Marking with up to four different programmable stations for part marking.

Versa Press Notch
Coping, notching or clipping of an angle leg to eliminate a secondary manual operation that could be required if this capability were not integrated into the Ficep A 162 angle line.